Business Analysis

Business runs on information, regardless of the industry. The quality and timeliness of information assists business owners with critical decisions. In order to make wise and profitable decisions, it is imperative to have a thorough business analysis.

Similar to the general practitioner, a business analyst is trained to perform an exhaustive diagnostic study of the business. The analyst and support team have experience with similar business operations. An in-depth examination is performed including financial, operational and sales functions of the business to provide recommendations for improvement by identifying strengths and deficiencies.

We provide an objective and comprehensive analysis of the business to give an unbiased view of its strengths and weaknesses. The business analysis takes approximately one to three days. Our target market is businesses that range from $600,000 to hundreds of millions in annual revenue.

The assigned business analyst will perform the work on site and consult with a survey services director who has access to all company resources. The resources include, but are not limited to, business and financial data, comparative business performance benchmarks provided by Dun & Bradstreet and our prior consulting case studies. Furthermore, the headquarter team of survey services directors have an extraordinary range of experience and expertise and are available for collaboration in developing recommendations to address any business problem.

Management Consulting

As much as the business analyst performs the function of a  “general practitioner,” the consulting services team is the “specialist” brought in to resolve the issues identified  during the course of the analysis.

The consulting services team is comprised of some of the  brightest management minds in business. They are familiar with the “psychology of management.” All have practical, hands-on business management experience. Nothing is left to theory.

The minimum requirements to qualify for employment as a  business consultant is a college degree and 10 years of direct business experience in mid to upper level management positions. A significant number of our consultants have Masters and Doctorate degrees, and numerous professional  certifications across multiple industries and disciplines. The cumulative experience of our staff measure in the thousands of  years. They provide services to companies comprising 900+ SIC/NAICS  codes, and possess the skills necessary to assist you in all  aspects of your change process.

Business Valuations

Our valuation professionals are certified by one or more of the professional valuation organizations.  We have experience with valuing companies of all sizes in more than 900 SIC/NAICS codes. Our valuations are legally defensible in a court of law and adhere strictly to the guidelines and standards as determined by regulatory bodies, such as the IRS, Department of Labor, and Revenue Canada.